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GFM non-segregated busway


GFM Series non-segregated phase busway is suitable for transmission system, which provides consistent strength and high short-circuit ratings.

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  • Product Type

    Enclosed busduct

    Design Criteria

    GB/T 8349

    Conductor Type


    Rated Current




    Rated Voltage




    Product Series

    Nonsegregated busduct/

    Segregated phase busduct




  • ■ This system provides consistent strength and high short-circuit ratings. Under the protection of the enclosure made of aluminum or low magnetic plate, no hysteresis loss occurs on the distribution system with low temperature rise on housing, reduce energy loss on the whole system. 

    ■ The hole for installation or maintenance can be set up at top or bottom of GFM, ventilated shutter can be set up on both side and bottom of the enclosure to improve heat dissipation. 

    ■ Flexible braided straps are applied to eliminate the vibration of connected equipment. Rubber gaskets are adopted as shock absorber in the system to provide the elastic support to the insulator and the conductor. Moreover, the shock absorber can avoid the machinery vibration caused by equipment and the damage caused by earthquake.  

    ■ In winter, segregation device can be applied in the wall to avoid condensation happened due to temperature variation between indoor and outdoor in winter.

    ■ Silver-plating is applied to all joint and connection area. Silver-plating provides an extremely durable contact surface with better performance of lower contact resistance and anti-corrosion. 

    ■ In order to avoid the resonance frequency range of the busbar and to reduce the electric power acting on the busbar, the type, specification and strength level of the insulator are preferred, and the span between the insulators is reasonably set. 

    ■ Observation window can be installed in the connection area of busduct and transformer cabinet and generator cabinet, distribution cabinet so as to monitor the temperature rise by means of temperature measurement device or online intelligent monitoring system, which greatly improve the level of safety and reliability of operation and maintenance.