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Boosting and converting machine


Multi-computer, all-in-one integration, high-quality boost-converter solution with high dynamic communication

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  • Compatible with most PCS manufacturers' equipment;

    Self-branded Wetrans series transformers, safe and reliable, energy-saving and quiet, intelligent control;

    The first in the industry to adopt cast busbar to connect PCS and transformer, with protection level up to IP68;

    Configuration of busbar temperature detection, real-time monitoring of busbar operating temperature, significantly improving equipment safety;

    The high-voltage room selects C-GIS enclosed sulphur hexafluoride gas-insulated switchgear cabinet, intelligent, small footprint, modular design, high reliability, high safety, minimal maintenance, and adaptable to various environments;

    Based on bus synchronisation technology, it can achieve fast synchronisation of energy storage command and fast power response at 100MW level, and synchronised power output control of the whole station as a whole.

  • Excellent R&D strength 

    The company's product research and development introduces the concept of modular product design, and uses the concept of modular product management in product hardware design and software management to make. Be able to respond faster to the changing needs of the market and maintain a leading position in product development and iterative updates.

    Excellent reliability 

    Products have been fully certified by professional and authoritative third-party testing agencies