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ION Orchard

ION Orchard located in the heart of Singapore's famous orchard road, it covers different fields such as fashion, life, entertainment and catering etc.As one of the world's top shopping malls, is an eight-story mega-mall with over 640,000 square feet of leased space and 335 retail outlets.It has successfully attracted world-renowned brands to open flagship stores and concept stores, many of which are entering the Singapore market for the first time, covering fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and catering, setting a new standard for Singapore's retail industry.From the first floor to the fourth floor, the shopping mall gathers the top international luxury brands and high-quality goods, in the meantime four underground floors gather the prestigious brands, young fashion and lifestyle merchants.Wetown is also attracted by this famous shopping mall. So at the begin of this project, we decide to be one part of it and MM powerplus series busway intergrated into the whole building.

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